About Me

I am an artist who invites you to discover a world of emotions and creativity through my art. Without art, I believe I wouldn’t be who I am today. As an artist, I am on a journey to capture the essence of life through my creations. Drawing serves as both an outlet for stress and a medium to express complicated emotions. With each brushstroke, I strive to convey emotions, stories, and the beauty I see in the world. I hope to invite you into a vivid world of the human experience, where every stroke of the brush is a glimpse into my ministate. 

Artist Statement

As an artist, my focus has always been on exploring the intricate web of human emotions and the formidable challenges that come with the journey of growing up. Through my art, viewers are invited to embark on an introspective voyage into the heart of these struggles. The thought of growing up typically brings the feelings of nostalgic comfort. But what if the accounts of one’s childhood bring reflections of struggle and sorrow. My canvas serves as a mirror reflecting the treacherous seas of our inner worlds, as well as an escape, and ultimately, a path towards healing. 

 The theme of growing up and grappling with difficult emotions is universal, transcending every person on earth. It represents a shared human experience, one that can be fraught with confusion, pain, and uncertainty. In my work, my aim is to shed light on the raw and unfiltered emotions that often go unnoticed or unexpressed in life. These emotions, though challenging, are an integral part of our development, they shape who we are and pave the way to discovering what’s important, guiding our future. Growing up is a uniquely confusing process, that can be filled with uncertainty and immeasurable hardship. Despite this, it is the process that forms who we are and what we become.  I have always used my artwork as both an escape for my emotional difficulties and a tool I can use to express my unresolved feelings. My artwork shows this treacherous labyrinth with an unflinching gaze, capturing the multifaceted emotions that accompany each step of the journey. A key aspect of my art is its capacity to act as a therapeutic tool, both for the artist and for those who engage with it. The process of creating these works serves as an act of catharsis, allowing for the confrontation and processing of difficult emotions. Through this work, the goal is to foster a sense of connection and understanding, reminding all that, despite the challenges faced, emergence from the labyrinth of emotions is possible, resulting in greater strength, wisdom, and resilience than ever imagined.


Alexis L. Winnett 

Greeley, Colorado 80634/ 970-581-2342 /alexis.winnett@gmail.com


Anticipated 2024. Bachelors of Art.

Emphasis – painting.  University of Northern Colorado. Greeley. Colorado

Art Entrepreneurship Certificate

Associates of Art – Early College Academy 2021

Greeley. Colorado

Exhibition Record:

2022. “2022 Annual Student Juried Exhibition”

Campus Commons Gallery, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley. Colorado 


Awarded Second place in 3D category at “2022 Annual Student Juried Exhibition”

Work Experience:

Dairy Queen Cashier, Food Runner, and Crew Member

[02/2020 – 09/2022]


-Provided friendly and efficient customer service.

-Took and prepared orders accurately.

-Operated cash registers and maintained cleanliness.

-Resolved customer issues promptly.


2019 – Public Art Commission, Bustling in the Deep, Large Indoor Mural 10’ x 16’ Acrylic paint on textured interior drywall panel, Early College Academy, Greeley, Colorado

2020 – Private Art Commission, Sacred Meadow,  Large Outdoor Mural 12’ x 24’

Outdoor paint on a large textured wall attached to a small building. Greeley Colorado

2018 –  Private Art Commission, Honey Acres, Indoor Mural 6.5’ x 10’

Acrylic paint on smooth interior wall panel. Greeley. Colorado


Bandsaws, Miter Saws, Jigsaws skills and more 

-Photoshop, Primer, illustrator proficiency and experience in all other adobe programs

– experience with a variety of mediums and techniques such as clay on and off a pottery wheel, fabric, woodworking, metalsmithing, and basic printmaking. 

-Proficient in many different paint mediums including acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and spray paint